Computers 1PC and Laptop Repairs

Need a New Laptop or Desktop? Want a desktop designed and built how you want it? Well AV Security can help. We can design and built desktops and laptops for any requirement, Workstations, Games Machine, Storage Server, and Multimedia Laptop.

Network Deployment

Need to increase your network capacity? Your network still isn’t running like you want it to?

Rather than you worrying about poor performance or staying up to date with the latest technology, let AV Security, manage, maintain, and upgrade all of your networking requirements including:

  • Network performance and redundancy Local Area Networking (LAN) design and implementation
  • Wide Area Networking (WAN) design and implementation
  • Routing and Switching solutions
  • Exchange server solutions
  • File and Print solutions Active Directory
  • Design and implementation of Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • WWireless connectivity and networking

Comms RackWe can design a network infrastructure solution that addresses your existing operational requirements and allows you to grow in a cost effective and flexible manner. AV Security will provide your business with the level of IT support you need.